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4 votes

Why do a lot of games use DirectX9

The vast majority of game developers today don't deal with graphic APIs like DirectX, OpenGL, Mantle or Vulkan directly. They delegate that to a library or game engine, so they can focus on the fun ...
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why One big texture frames is consuming more RAM compared to be divided into single frame ones

There is no discrepancy in RAM usage using a texture-atlas or multiple texture per frame/sprite. The discrepancy that i had it was a small bug that instead of adding one for a remainder, it was adding ...
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2 votes

Blending in 3D graphics

The buffer starts with the color/skybox/whatever you've cleared it with. After that, for each render pass sourceValue is the value output by the fragment shader. destinationValue is the value already ...
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Unwanted darkening at polygon edges when using normal maps with SSAO

This is something of a cold case, but I thought I'd take a crack at it. My answer to the original question "Is there anything obvious wrong with the normals?" is that there does appear to be ...
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2 votes

How does planar shadow projection interact with perspective projection?

As mentioned in the question, the author makes a rather misleading statement: Observe that this equation modifies the w-component so that sw=n\$\cdot\$L. Thus, when the perspective divide takes place,...
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2 votes

Why do a lot of games use DirectX9

I can't answer this definitively as I don't use DirectX, but two reasons I can think of: support for more (older) systems, if they don't need the new features of later versions, why put in the ...
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1 vote

How do you handle shaders/graphics while remaining cross-platform?

I'm writing my current project entirely in WebGPU and WebAssembly. WebGPU knowledge and code is portable to C, C++, Rust etc via lib wgpu. I prototype code in JS, ...
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How should I bind various types of material data to the ray tracing rendering pipeline in DirectX12?

One option would be to use offsets into a single large ByteAddressBuffer, and then load the data from there. That way you can store an offset into the buffer with each object, instead of a buffer ...
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1 vote

How to deal with different version of Direct3D12 interfaces?

The best option for broad support is to use the DirectX Agility SDK and just make your assumptions on the interfaces supported by the version you used since they ship with your application/game. You ...
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