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I solved this problem. The issue is actually related to variable declaration. So I moved all the variable declarations in to the constructor and that fixed the problem. I don't know whether that is a common practice or not anyway.


Not only how tall and big walls should be, how thick is also very important as I started seeing this: [Physics.PhysX] cleaning the mesh failed Wall model is the following: a wall is made of points, at least two, in the end only p0 is needed for a wall segment p1 is next segment, p2 and p3 are simply p0 + Vector3.up How were thick walls in gray built in a ...


There really is just one realistic option, and that's a Mesh Collider. Make sure you mark the object as "Static" and enable mesh cooking on your mesh collider in order to improve performance. The alternative would be to manually create a separate Box Collider for every single wall in the level, which would be a very tedious and error-prone task. ...


Like DMGregory said: it's very unlikely Total War is actually simulating physics for all those arrows. There's probably a big separation from the battle simulation and the actual animations in game. Here's a GDC talk about "predictable projectiles" which could be used for the animation side of things.

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