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cocos2d-x is a cross plaform port of cocos2d-iphone using C++. It supports iOS, Mac, Android, Samsung Bada, BlackBerry Tablet OS, Windows and Linux. It has built-in bindings for Lua and Javascript.

Cocos2d-x is an open-source mobile 2D game framework, released under MIT License. It is a C++ version of cocos2d-iphone project. Our focus for cocos2d-x development is around making cocos2d cross platform. On top of the framework provided by cocos2d-x, mobile games can be written in C++ or Lua, using API that is completely compatible with that of cocos2d-iphone. Cocos2d-x projects can easily be built and run on iOS, Android, Samsung Bada, BlackBerry Table OS and more. Cocos2d-x also supports Windows, Mac and Linux, therefore we can debug source code easily and write editors on desktop operating systems.

Cocos2d-x website, forums, tutorials and wiki: