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Stop mouse joint from dragging current rigidBody without mouse-up?

I've tried to trigger a fake event "touch-end" on the node without luck. But a minute later I found the answer (It was pretty simple) ...
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Cocos Creator - orientation change event in native build for iPhone and Android

Hi I have develop a game for iOS, android and for browser and I have used this code to get sizes of my device. ...
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Help understanding the parkour tutorial in Cocos2d

This is to keep the player centered on the screen (while maintaining the illusion of motion). The player is moving (right) relative to this.gamelayer. If ...
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Color Based Collision Javascript (Cocos2d-js)

I am not experienced in Cocos2D or JavaScript, but using color-patterns is very common on Java game development, and I am sure JavaScript will be almost the same. Here you have an example that does ...
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Saving data in the local computer with cocos2d-js

Most web browsers implements kind of JS Sandbox that blocks any interaction with the real machine, JS just has power over the webkit/gecko/... layer that works like a "virtual machine", that's all, ...
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Saving data in the local computer with cocos2d-js

With JavaScript you don't have a way to persist things transparently other than local storage. I don't know anything about cocos2d but this is really a question about JS. If you really need something ...
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