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2 votes

How to achieve uniform speed of movement on a bezier curve?

A very lightweight solution is to approximate the speed rather than approximating the curve. Actually this approach is independent of the curve function and enables you to use any exact curve instead ...
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1 vote

Cocosdenshion and Android not working

Isn't auto audio = CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine::getInstance(); local and accessible to your init function, how are you reaccessing it in your ...
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1 vote

Is there any way in open-gl to "bit crush" everything on the screen?

I don't know cocos2d, but the general approach to use for this effect is simply to just render the scene at a lower resolution into an offscreen render buffer (VBO, in OpenGL terminology), and then ...
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1 vote

Moving CCNode with constant speed in cocos2d

Just slow it down or speed it up with a force proportional to the error. If your intentions were to hit a certain position for your object, you would actually need something more advanced like a ...
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1 vote

How to achieve uniform speed of movement on a bezier curve?

There is a great answer from sam hocevar. However my very first naive attempt was to approximate t value while moving along curve with small iterations like in ...
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