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Verlet chain with two fixed points is not converging properly

The problem is that you first move every link closer to one of its neighbors, then closer to the other, without saving the original position. These two should happen at the same time, so that the ...
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UE4 - Cloth collision

I never worked with specifically Kallari asset, but I worked with Shinbi asset, which is from the same asset pack. The thing is, Paragon assets were made before Clothing Tool built in into the engine, ...
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Clothing and physics asset collisions not working

I managed to find a solution. Turns out there were a couple of things to do: First, proper scaling in Blender - I had a proper scale of the character. But after parenting it to a skeleton, the scale ...
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How to save the Mesh from an Interactive Cloth at runtime in Unity?

Adding a new answer because I cannot reply with a comment. PatrickSharbaughs code works for me in Unity 2019 using the Cloth component with some small changes. Basically, the state of the cloth ...
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