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Sign in to your Google Play Developer Console. Select an app. On the left menu, select APK > Beta testing. If you see Choose a testing method, select the drop-down arrow. Select Set up Closed Beta Testing > Create list. Type a name to identify your list of testers ... ?. PROFIT This way only invited people will be able to install and test your game :3 ...


There's a lot of ways to do that. Change the title so that it gently says BETA Put a nice popup or message at the very start saying that this isn't the final version and will be changed, or anything like that. Watermark a corner of the window with the message "beta version"


From the same page you set your builds live, there's a branch list and a button to create a new branch at the top. Just press the button, create a branch, and set your beta build upload live to that branch.


No, there is no Gamma version nor do they call the final release this way. Here's the terminology for versions of a software/game: Pre-Alpha Alpha Beta Open/Closed Beta Release candidate (Might not be final but has potential to be) You can read more here:


On Steam you do it by creating a branch in SteamWorks (under SteamPipe) which you set a password for. You then upload your build and push it live in that branch (again it's under SteamPipe). Anybody who has access to that branch (you've generated a key for + has the password) can opt in to the beta and will be given that build.


1) Learn to log quality bugs. Finding a bug is one thing, presenting it in a way that a developer understands why the behavior is a bug and having enough detail to actually fix it without wasting time is a HUGE asset. Clear concise title (should not be vague or unclear "Bug!!" is not a helpful title, "Character clips through can clip through wall in World ...


I have never heard anyone - in game development or software development in general - use the term "gamma version". After beta comes the "release" version. However, the differences between "alpha", "beta" and "release" aren't very well-defined. The usual consensus is: An alpha is a version where many important features are still missing A beta version has ...


First: Why should you have fast-travel in the first place? Because fast travel has an important function: It prevents boredom. Traversing a well-designed area for the first time is interesting because there is lots of new stuff to discover for the player. The player is exploring, which is one of the four major appeals of MMOs. But when traversing it again,...


Yes, you can use TestFlight to make sure your app is as it should be if you are using the same build/codebase for the release application. If you ask me, it shouldn't matter though if you used PhoneGap or some other platform to send out the iOS builds. I have been using HockeyApp and TestFlight together to test iOS builds from Unity and have never noticed ...


As far as I'm aware there's no restriction on whether or not you can show ads in alpha/beta apps - the fact that it's alpha/beta only limits who can download it, and nothing else Only apps that are in production can be found via searching on the Google Play Store - if it's in open alpha/beta then people need to have the testing link (the one in your 3rd ...


Personally, I find beta testers via my friend network, colleague or working network like Game Developer group on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter and on. But the options should not stop there. You can get ones by using game engine's forums to spread the words about your campaign (if you use 3rd party framework). Anyway, at least, you can start recruiting one ...

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