The audio component of a game, representing what the player will hear. Comprised of dialogue, music, and sound effects.

Audio refers to the superclass that houses all game elements that are heard. It serves many purposes, from ambient illustration of a scene, to noting the significance of an event, to telegraphing enemy behavior. Often used as an external asset. Audio is comprised of 3 primary forms.

  • Dialogue, which is the spoken words of characters in the game. Modern games almost all feature voice acting of some form.
  • Music, which is the background songs that play as a part of the scenery. Vocals that are part of these songs count as music, not as dialogue. See: .
  • Sound Effects, which are the sound elements that represent in-game events from the clink of toasting glasses to the roaring blaze of a fire. See: .

Questions under this tag deal with the management, integration, and utility of audio assets in games, especially when the primary form is unspecified or not of general importance to the nature of the question. For questions on musical and sound composition, consider including the tag for that specific form of audio.