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Do "procedurally generated" skyboxes on the Unity Asset Store use machine learning trained on existing images?

"Procedural generation" is a broad umbrella that can include any technique that produces content through an algorithmic procedure. There's no hard rule that says that cannot include machine ...
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Why does my 2D + 2.5D implementation look weird?

Firstly, don't rip graphics or IP in general from other games. Even doing this as filler can be problematic as you're going to need to go back through your game later on & check your content to ...
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Why does my 2D + 2.5D implementation look weird?

The problem is the perspective mismatch between the character and the environment. It is very obvious that they are seen at different angles, which confuses the spatial perception of the viewer. What ...
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How can AI tools support asset generation?

In the current state of AI generation tools they help best with creating placeholder art and assets. It is difficult to get the tool to create a set of assets that have a coherent style. The best way ...
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How to meet quality standard for audio files to upload to the Unity Store?

That is talking about volume. It says that the tracks need to be heard and they shouldn't be compressed so much that you can't understand them. Finally, if you were to look at the music under a peak ...
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