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The simulation of an in-game entity's motion, such as running or sitting or striking.

First of all, you must clarify which animation you are talking about. This one Or this one The first one is a Component, which can be assigned to public field of script in the Inspector, the … second one is a animation clip, which can be attached to animation controller like Animation or Animator. So if you are trying to drag-drop an animation clip into an Animation field, nothing will happed. …
answered Sep 22 '16 by tc07
when you check the HasExitTime box ! Because when you have that option checked, though the condition of the transition is satifised it must wait until the current animation state finishes, so during … the time when you have the first animation state running, the transition can't be activated, even if you want to activate it manually. So what really happened is that at the moment when you pressed …
answered Sep 20 '16 by tc07
all the objects of type Animation and stop the running animations you will do: void StopAllAnimation() { var allAnims = FindObjectsOfType<Animation>(); foreach( var anim in allAnims … ) { anim.Stop(); } } p.s: this function will return list of all objects of given type that are present in current scene, no matter where you call the function or which game object the animation object belongs to …
answered Sep 22 '16 by tc07
For me it should be done in this way: What we need: A throw point - a Transform attached to mode's palm of hand Throw animation (Option A ) A event that will be fired during the throw animation … , at the moment that the grenade should leave player's hand / (Option B) Or the infomation about how much time it will take from the beginning of the throw animation to the moment when grenade should …
answered Sep 22 '16 by tc07
IMHO its done by attaching camera to the player as a child object, as the player rotate the camera will accordingly be rotated.
answered Sep 23 '16 by tc07