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In geometry a vertex is a point defining the corners of polygons or intersections of lines. A triangle for example is defined by 3 vertices with lines between them. In 3D-graphical APIs like OpenGL and Direct3D a vertex is a data structure containing information about the positions, normals, colors, tangents etc of the points defining the triangular faces of 3D-meshes.

26 votes

What is a vertex color?

In practice, it's just one more slot you can use to push data into the vertex, which you then use in the vertex shader to do crazy stuff. "Isn't a vertex simple point on 3D space?" … Position is one -optional - aspect of that data blob we call Vertex. There is a lot you can do by attaching additional data to the vertex. …
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2 votes

3D models budget. What matters more number of triangles or vertices

Neither. Unless you're talking truly massive numbers of tris (millions), what you care about is: Number of rendered pixels Cost of fragment shader Number of draw calls (with the limit strongly depe …
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