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A bitmap (raster image) used in a texture mapping process.

1 vote

Grants a Higher Texture downsized a better quality than a texture with the downsized resolut...

When you downscale an image that's when mipmapping kicks in and GPU uses lower resolution version of the texture (assuming the texture is mipmapped). So if you render 128x128 texture in 64x64 pixels o …
  • 870
8 votes

How does GPU handle texture and VRAM?

Answers to your questions really depends on the platform. Generally BC formats are kept in compressed form in memory and decompression is done in flight by GPU texture units, but there are exceptions. …
  • 870
0 votes

"_SRGB" suffix for BC texture format doesn't result in sRGB-to-linear correction at sampling

I'm not using DDSTextureLoader() functions myself, but it seems that the function creates appropriate shader resource view for you to match the DDS format and the associated sRGB space, thus you get a …
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