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How code is structured. For questions on the internal design of a game engine.

1 vote

Plugin system with AssemblyLoadContext and unloading

AppDomain The most established and bulletproof method for plugin isolation is to use AppDomain. Anything allocated withing one AppDomain will be disposed together when AppDomain unloads or reloads. As …
0 votes

Game architecture / design question - building an efficient engine while avoiding global ins...

So, basically, you want to avoid global mutable state? You can make it either local, immutable, or not a state at all. Latter is most efficient and flexible, imo. It is known as iplementation hiding. …
1 vote

Should I do interactions between a new class and the main engine via a redirector class, or ...

In first case, you are creating God's Facade (combination of God Object and Facade), which sole purpose is convenience. There are many downsides to it, but I want go straight to the elephant in the ro …
1 vote

Is an ECS viable in garbage collected languages?

There is another performance-related aspect of ECS: parallelization. During the update cycle, each system writes to the limited set of components, often just 1. The components that are not being writt …
1 vote

Scaling physics engines beyond single computational server

You may follow the path of EVE Online and it's famous Time Dilation. The main idea is to slow physics down when there are too many objects. Other less famous optimizations include clustering objects i …
1 vote

How to decide whether a Buff should be a component or a Buff object in an ECS?

Component-per-buff may cause some serious performance issues. Of course, at this point we can only speculate about the performance, but so far I can only see the downsides — at least in comparison to …
1 vote

Combining a pure ECS with a FSM scheduling system

Flat update loop The multi-phase design may be the root of the problem, because it creates a dependency graph of its own, misaligned to ECS's dependency graph. The most direct solution would be to exp …