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Java is both a popular object-oriented programming language and runtime environment which allows Java programs to run unchanged on most hardware and software platforms.

JSP Pages that automatically refresh/poll via JavaScript ("AJAX"). An applet is overkill and would be tough to get to interact with GAE as your "server". Now if you had a dedicated server for socket c …
answered Sep 21 '10 by Ricket
) but it wouldn't be a good choice for 2D. However, a game loop isn't a hard thing to write, and existing Java libraries handle your 2nd and 3rd requirements, so I highly suggest looking into a scene … you plan to deploy your game as an applet. For going the built-in Graphics2D route, look at the source code to Metagun (click to play in applet form). It's a small but very well-written 2D Java
answered Sep 2 '10 by Ricket
You can actually find a number of the chapters for free at the book's website. Java 3D was a neat API, but has since been "put on hold" in January 2008. It's not looking good, 3 years later and with … no apparent progress towards starting up again. I would probably recommend looking into JMonkeyEngine or LWJGL instead (the former being closer to Java 3D, with a scene graph, while LWJGL is OpenGL …
answered May 2 '11 by Ricket
Essentially, all the files at JogAmp can be found at The latest build can be found at I can't attest to its stability, so I d …
answered Oct 1 '10 by Ricket
You might try something like this, though as the author said he didn't stream so it stuttered. You'd want to preload a certain amount of the sound before feeding it to the Line.
answered Aug 27 '10 by Ricket
They are obviously not unsuited for it, as demonstrated by RuneScape and Minecraft and other smaller Java applet games. There are also libraries for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics (LWJGL, JOGL … ). It's just not a popular language in the game development community. You do have to consider your supported platforms though. Windows and Linux have great Java plugins, Mac has a decent one (only works …
answered Mar 14 '11 by Ricket
images on screen and moving them around is far simpler than dealing with vertices, materials, view matrices, transforms, etc. etc. I think you get the point. Stick with the built-in Java libraries and … classes: Graphics2D, ImageIO, AWT mouse and keyboard listeners, Canvas, Java Sound API, and so on. The benefits of sticking with these instead of finding some other library include: you already know …
answered Mar 29 '11 by Ricket
Of course! Java has a built in Java 2D library which requires no OpenGL or DirectX knowledge, and I highly recommend starting with it! In fact, it has pretty okay performance. The essential starting …
answered Aug 18 '10 by Ricket
In your constructor, try this.setSize(500,500);, and you might also need this.setVisible(true);. If that still doesn't work, instead of giving the frame a null layout, try giving it a border layout an …
answered Jul 10 '11 by Ricket
You need to change the texture magnification type, like so: glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, GL_NEAREST); Read about glTexParameter.
answered Oct 27 '11 by Ricket
Using sockets for real-time communication, the idea would be something like the following: The server is listening; players A and B have connected to it. Player A drags an element onscreen; a draggi …
answered Oct 11 '12 by Ricket
Interesting question; having taken Physics classes, I take this sort of thing for granted, when really it is an intriguing idea. The key point is that X and Y movements are distinct from each other. …
answered Nov 18 '10 by Ricket
JMonkeyEngine is really the most recommended 3D engine for Java. Xith3D is sometimes recommended as an alternative, as it is also a scenegraph style graphics engine. You could go with LWJGL or JOGL … again, it's a game library, not a graphics engine. OGRE is a scenegraph graphics engine like JMonkeyEngine; LWJGL is to Java what SDL is to C++. It provides functions for OpenGL, audio and input, and you are expected to run with that. I personally like that kind of power. …
answered Jul 21 '10 by Ricket
That error simply means that the JVM couldn't find the com.jogamp.common.jvm.JVMUtil class. You are most likely missing a JAR in your build path configuration. As for LWJGL vs JOGL, that's up to you …
answered Nov 15 '11 by Ricket