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Unity is a cross-platform game creation system that focuses on easy art pipeline process. It consists of a game engine and an integrated development environment. The game engine's scripting is built on Mono.

1 vote
1 answer

Blender FBX exports to Unity3D have incomplete animation sequences

How do I fix this so that the Unity animation is 100% faithful to the Blender animation? …
  • 209
0 votes

Blender FBX exports to Unity3D have incomplete animation sequences

What's causing the problem is setting the Animation Type of the rig to Humanoid. I guess this causes the animation to lose its mapping to non-humanoid related bones. What fixes the issue is setting t …
  • 209
1 vote
0 answers

Combine diffuse map and lightmap into one texture file

Working with Unity, I'd like to do some more memory optimization. Currently, my 3D models have a diffuse texture and a lightmap, both at the same resolution and compression. …
  • 209
4 votes
2 answers

How to animate a character with props in Blender and then have these props modifiable in Uni...

Also, once the model is imported into Unity, I want to be able to replace the sword and the sheathe props with another model, but still be able to retain the animation. … If the sword and sheathe aren't going to be part of the character armature, then how can I create their animations in Blender which Unity will use? Fig. 1. The model and its armature. …
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