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RenderState in XNA 4

I was going through this tutorial for having transparency which can be used to solve my problem here. The code is written in XNA 3 but I'm using XNA 4. What is the alternative for the following code ...
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Program closes without Exception

I'm using XNA 3.1 ( .NET 3.5 ) and my program closes without any warning, errors, or code instructing it to do so. I looked in the output, and there aren't any obscure messages outside of telling me ...
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How can I load 2D texture data without a GraphicsDevice instance?

We have a client/server architecture for our game with the client being the XNA Game, and the game server is separate and only references XNA. They both use a shared DLL for networking. The game ...
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3D Animations in XNA 3.1

Well, guys. I'm in a Game Design class at school. Before you ask "WHY ARE YOU USING 3.1 INSTEAD OF 4" -- I would like to point out that C# 2008, and .NET framework 3 is NOT my preferred environment, ...
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How can I efficiently render a very large model?

I have a huge model I want to draw in my XNA application; due to its size I am experiencing a tremendous loss of performance. The model has about 50,000,000 edges and has a size on disk of 205 MB in ...
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Depth is disabled - How to turn on?

In XNA 3.1 is there any other way to disable depth in 3D Worlds using DirectX models other than GraphicsDevice.RenderState.DepthBufferEnable = false; ? The ...
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