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Questions tagged [xna-content-pipeline]

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1 answer

ContentSerializerRuntimeType required in content pipeline?

I have a problem at the moment loading in a texture for a larger model in the content pipeline. Now it seems that I need to make a proxy object, which is fine, however looking at the SpriteSheet ...
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1 vote
1 answer

XNA game publishing help with incompatibilities via content built at runtime

MY XNA game is finally complete, but I'm having difficulty getting it to run on other Windows computers. I've read similar other stackexchange topics here, here, and here, but I'm still gonna need ...
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XNA games C# application executable work on one win7 not the other one

Our company wrote a game in XNA studio 4 almost ten years ago. we try to reinstall it in win7 with only the executable. Both installed XNA Game Studio 4.0. Below is the environments parameter I can ...
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