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Is Xbox Live suitable for a multiplayer FPS?

I'm working on a basic first person shooter. I would eventually also like to publish it on Xbox Live. If I do this, will I still have access to parties (invite and chat)? Does Microsoft provide ...
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How do you publish a Xbox Live game on Windows Phone?

Curious if any of you have gone through the process? How did you kick it off? Is there anything in particular that we should be aware of when trying to make a Live game?
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XNA Development on PC but Designing for Xbox 360

I'm working on a project with a buddy, he doesn't have a 360 nor does he have the money to get one right now, but we want our game to be submitted to XBLIG. So right now we're both designing our game ...
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What income models are available for Xbox games?

There are number of income models available for different games on various platforms - income from ads, paid games, paid DLCs, microtransactions and so forth. What sources of income are available for ...
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Can I publish an indie game on XBL made with directx

So I know that XNA can be used to publish games on Xbox Live Indie Games and I signed up for the $100/year subscription thing. I haven't downloaded XNA yet but I was wondering if I can publish a game ...
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How to access the players XBOX account from your Windows 10 game app?

We want to release a game that was previously an Android game for Windows 10 (Store / Desktop). Could you tell me how we can access the players XBOX account, see his friends and compare their scores? ...
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Store custom data against XboxLIVE Gamer in XNA?

If I am using Xbox LIVE Gamer Services for a networked XNA game, is there anyway to store custom data against the Gamer or ...
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Not able to see xbox live user status for friends?

Developing an xbox application using UWP not really a Game. I would like to see the status of my signed in user on one xbox to the friends of the user. For Example, in device(Xbox) one signed in user ...
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What are the risks of targeting Steam, XBLA and PSN for game releases? [closed]

Say that I spend 6-12 months working on a game, submit it to Steam, XBLA, and PSN and I get rejected. Does that mean I just wasted 6-12 months for nothing? Seems like a really big risk in my opinion. ...
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