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Creating a letterbox screen for Android devices

I want that the screen looks the same on every Android device without distorting the sprites. One player should not see more of the map than another player just because they have a bigger screen or ...
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How can I store in-game money so that nobody can manipulate the amount?

People get coins for completed tasks(for example completing a level) in my game. In addition, they can purchase coins(they need to pay for that with real money) in the app store. With these coins, ...
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Event when nodes overlap, but not collide

I am trying to implement a scenario where a dynamic object (a node that implements RigidBody2D and defines BodyType2D.Dynamic) "...
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Is there a way to force a resolution on Android when using Monogame?

I think I looked everywhere but I couldn't find a way. My phone has a native resolution of 1920x1080 and I would like to run my game at 1280x720. I tried by changing PreferredBackBufferWidth and ...
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Black border all around simulation / viewport in iOS using Xamarin + CocosSharp

I'm just getting started with Xamarin and CocosSharp so it's possible I've missed something basic here.. but whatever it is I can't seem to figure it out. I'm trying to get my app/game to be ...
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Mobile game without game engine [closed]

I am planning on making a 2D mobile game for iOS and Android. It will have animations (including some simple flash/light and particle effects, like in Candy Crush), but the only physics the game will ...
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Monogame 3.3 SoundEffect play Freezes

After using Monogame 3.3 with Xamarin Android, SoundEffect.Play method freezes the game. I try to convert wav files 8bit mono, 16bit mono no changes. This error on Samsung T101 android 4.0.3 but ...
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Porting WP8 to IOS GraphicsDevice Error (Monogame/Xamarin)

I seem to be having a problem porting to IOS. I have my game working on WP8 and Android with any major issues but when trying to run on iPhone I seem to get an error when initialising the ...
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Saving Scores on iOS and Android Devices using MonoGame

Quick question, what is the best way to save a game score in a mobile device (iOS and Android) using MonoGame (example would be a Flappy Bird score). You can also list ways and approaches of saving ...
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Vertex Skinning Looks Messy on Real Android Device using Monodroid

I have no problem doing the "vertex skinning" for three-dimensional animation. All goes well when using the emulator (and genymotion). However, when run on a real device (such as Samsung and Lenovo) ...
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Loading a stream/asset on Android MonoGame without ContentManager

In the game I am developing, I have created a serializable class that generates a .map file for saving and loading levels. In XNA, this works great using the following code: ...
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