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Wwise is an interactive sound middleware product.

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Audio middleware unity package missing assembly references

I want to use AudioKinetic WWise middleware to implement audio to a mobile game I'm working at the moment but I'm experiencing trouble assembly references thus I'm not able to code the audio scripts I ...
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Footsteps with Unity Wwise too fast

Hi I'm trying to implement my footsteps for a game using Wwise but they are way too fast and I can't change the speed. I made a random container with different footstep sounds, then added the script. ...
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Wwise: play specific audio clip without specific event (for dialogue)

Is it possible to play a specific audio object in Wwise without having a separate event for it? I'm implementing a dialogue system, and I have thousands of audio clips for dialogues, and making an ...
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Unity Wwise. No audio in my game build

I'm building a game in Unity using Wwise as the audio engine. I'm on a Mac and whenever I build the game, there is no audio. Apparently this is because the sound banks are not in the correct folder. ...
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Wwise with Unity Rigidbody 2d or Collider 2d

I'm half way in making a 2D game in Unity and found that Wwise needed the game objects to have a normal 3D RigidBody, since that's quite some work to replace everything, is there any way around?
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How expensive is Wwise's SetRTPCValue method?

In an ideal world I would have an RTPC value that I could set every frame (as it is time-based and needs to count milliseconds). Is this an expensive call or should I not sweat it? ...
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