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Hiding World of Warcraft UI Elements with Lua

I'm tyring to make a very simple WoW addon that hides the gryphons on either side of the main menu bar and hides the micro buttons in the lower right. The addon has one Lua script, main.lua: ...
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UNIT_SPELLCAST_START event, spell names, localization issues?

I have created a small addon for myself, SheepWhisperer which listens for me casting Polymorph on my mage or Shackle Undead on my priest. When it detects this, and I'm in a party, it will check if I'...
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How to edit WoW models with Blender?

My situation is following, I am into role play, mostly me and my friends are using World of Warcraft. Since I am a bit into Blender too, I would like to try to edit some models(armor and weapon) for ...
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Lua script for World of Warcraft: Get Quest Info

I'm looking to make a very simple addon or even a macro where I can enter a quest ID and get the quest completion status. As it is, I know I can use ...
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World of Warcraft like C++/C# server (highload) [closed]

I know it is very big topic and maybe my question is very beaten, but I'm interesting of basics how to write highload server for UDP/TCP client-server communications in MMO-like game on C++/C#? I mean ...
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Writing a minimalistic server for vanilla WoW [closed]

This is about a personal project I've been longing to do for some time now. Since a while now I have stopped playing WoW, but as I'm quite experienced in C++ I thought I'd try the following: Write a ...
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WoW lua: Getting quest attributes before the QUEST_DETAIL event

I'd like to determine the attributes of a quest (i.e., information provided by functions such as QuestIsDaily and IsQuestCompletable) before the player clicks on the quest detail. I'm trying to ...
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How to build list of items available in World of Warcraft? [closed]

There are a number of non-Blizzard sites that show a complete list of available items in World of Warcraft (such as wowhead, etc). I would like to know the best (easiest) way to compile a similar list....
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