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Word games (also called word puzzles) are games that focus on written or spoken language, often aimed at testing a user's ability with that language or exploring language properties.

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How to generate boards for a game like GamePigeon's Word Hunt?

Naively, I would assume that there's an even probability of any of the 26 given letters appearing in a tile and that each tile is generated independently. After playing around a hundred times, though, ...
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Avoid spawning Reverese words in word search game

I was trying to modify a project that I found on Github, but the problem of that game is the words of the game is spawning in reversely as the snapshot below. there were two classes that has been ...
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Implementation a Prefix tree or Trie in Unity C#

I am trying to make a word game in unity. The game shall be an online game with 4-6 players. The gameplay is somewhat like this: Suppose 4 players are playing the game- p1, p2, p3, and p4. All ...
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Letter game board creation

I currently have a game concept similar to the mobile app Alphabetty where you are given a grid of letters and are tasked with spelling words. When you use a letter in a word, it disappears and new ...
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Word Puzzle: Less or more difficult [closed]

I'm working on an app which is a Word Puzzle. Player has to arrange about 10 words in correct order to solve it. I have two options to build it: Give user feedback (right or wrong) when he has put ...
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English dictionary for word games [duplicate]

There are lots of popular games now-days that enable a player to construct a word while opposing some limitations. If player constructs a valid word successfully, he gets a point. For this a big ...
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