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How to deal with different version of Direct3D12 interfaces?

Let's say I want to enable debug layers for a Direct3D 12 renderer, for which I need to create a ID3D12Debug object. Problem is, there are 6 different version of ...
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Mouse input accumulates different number points at different frame rates

I'm working on a basic Vulkan renderer that's presently relying on Win32 raw mouse input for camera pitch and yaw. It's all very basic, but what I've noticed is that at higher frame rates, I'm ...
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Windows Raw Input - Filtering done by kernel/driver causing handle to be null?

I have been working on win32 input code using Raw Input and I notice that certain buttons/wheels on mice or touchpad devices will return a null pointer as the device handle. According to a comment on ...
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In game development, what aspects to consider when choosing a 32-bit architecture over a 64-bit architecture?

I was developing a graphics engine from scratch using Direct3D11 and some APIs, but I stumbled in a situation where it would beneficial to me to use a certain library, but it's binaries are only ...
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How to disable present function when window is invisible to user. Win32 & DXGI

When my game window is hidden say by minimising it or hitting Ctrl, Alt, Del. I get the DXGI error: 0x087A0001 : The Present operation was invisible to the user. I've tried wrapping the present ...
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Can games be made with Win32 for Windows 10?

Based on the news today of Microsoft allowing Win32 games on the Windows store, what does it mean that Win32 can be used for games now? Couldn't Windows 10 already play Win32 games? or is this ...
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FormatMessage not working for HRESULTs returned by Direct3D 11

I am using Windows 7 x64 and Visual Studio 17 (v15.9.7). Say I try to create a swap chain using IDXGIFactory2::CreateSwapChainForHwnd and pass in ...
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How can I tell in code if vsync is disabled on desktop PC?

My game needs to behave differently to get the best performance if the user disables vsync globally (basically, I need to change the scheduling on my housekeeping operations). Is there a graphics ...
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View "distortion" or "stretching" when looking up/down? (Software renderer)

I'm not sure distortion is the right way to describe this. I've uploaded a video to show you guys. Apologies if it's long, but I wanted to show the code as well as posting it here.
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Will any program written with XLib work on any desktop environment (Gnome, KDE, etc.)?

I'm making an application that uses Win32 API on Windows but I want to support linux distros too. Some people say linux doesn't have a native GUI API like Win32 API of Windows. But I found XLib and ...
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Using gl3w and Win32 api, without glut [closed]

I'm still a beginner, the example on skaslev's site require us to use glut as an interface to create a window. For some reason, I'm required to create a window purely with Win32 api, but I am not ...
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ThreadAffinity being changed by OpenGL / ChoosePixelFormat

If I change thread affinity and then create the window used in my OpenGL game it changes the thread affinity to something else. I tracked down the exact API call (...
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SDL2 window as child of Win32 GUI

I'm building an editor. Is it possible to create a child window of SDL2 within a Win32 gui? (The most obvious page from SDLTutorials works for earlier versions of SDL)
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How do I determine color resolution of an output in DXGI/D3D?

i'm was revising some code i wrote some time ago when working on the window wrapper for my rendering framework. The framework is based off DirectX, but it wasn't really using any D3D-related facility. ...
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simple win32 window wont show [closed]

The program compiles and runs successfully but does not show a window, it simply ends immediately. ...
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How do I prevent XNA from pausing Updates while the window is being resized/moved?

XNA stops calling Update and Draw while the game window is being resized or moved. Why? Is there a way to prevent this ...
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"LNK2001: unresolved external symbol" when trying to build my program

I get the following error(s) on my program that captures the mouse and then draws a line. Errors: ...
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What does the Sys_PageIn() function do in Quake?

I've noticed in the initialization process of the original Quake the following function is called. ...
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OpenGL and Win32 API

Why does almost every book on OpenGL teach or discuss the API in the context of Win32 API? Is Win32 API necessary to learn OpenGL Game Programming?
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How do I properly check if a particular OpenGL version is available?

I can't find any information on glCreateContextAttribsARB returning errors if a version is unsuported by the driver. So how do i check if it is? I don't want the program to hard crash because ...
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