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2 answers

How to switch career to game engine/graphics programming [closed]

My whole background is related to enterprise applications but I've been thinking of switching my career path from enterprise/business to something that I feel is more challenging and interesting. One ...
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Approach in implementing the web browser game

Im Phil and try to figoure out the best approach for my app. I was searching Stack for my question but I didnt find a completely answer. Assumptions: It will be multiple user who can see in real time ...
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UnityWebRequest won't work unless a breakpoint is triggered before hand

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Can you publish game on multiple sites?

Is it normal (or even allowed) to publish games on multiple sites i.e, Gog and Humble Bundle. Specifically in my case I am thinking of web games. Thanks
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Automating the process of creating a steam lobby (for dota) and inviting users to it

I'm working on a Ruby on Rails web-application and I want to create lobbies and send invitations to users to join these lobbies. Simply, I want to achieve ...
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What happened with server code on deployment to Heroku [closed]

I'm starting to learn about making games on the web and am using this agario clone on GitHub to help. I've succeeded in setting up a version on Heroku using the instructions from here. I've never ...
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Game Website Wrapper

I am looking to make a simple program (in any language) then when you run the .exe the only thing it does is display a website (the whole website is my game) without any navigation buttons as they are ...
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In Unity3D, when building to web, model gets distorted

As the title says, when I build for web, the character model gets distorted, but while in the editor, it's completely fine. Here are the images: Before, in play mode: After, in the web build: As ...
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2 answers

How to embed unity webplayer built inside phonegap app?

After exporting my game made with unity, I got two files web.html and web.unity3d I want to embed this game in a phonegap app. I used this code: ...
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Can i use Soccer/football team names in my web, iphone and android apps? [duplicate]

If i don't use logos, player names, sponsors or any images can i use team names in a for profit app? The reason i mention these is that i have seen countless references to images and badges but not ...
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HTML5 moving image, doesn't move [closed]

Why my image doesn't move? Can you help me ... ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to develop web-based games using Corona SDK?

Some clients asked me to develop 2D web-based games and later on they might want to release those games on mobile platforms. I know Corona and I don't want to rewrite my code twice. Is it possible to ...
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1 answer

How to develop a real-time game server for html5 web app?

I'm contemplating a graduate project proposal of developing a rather complex HTML5 game that requires real-time server communication. The premise of the actual game play is simple: 10 players battle ...
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5 answers

Good technological solutions to build an ascii map and moving characters in a browser (like dwarf fortress)? [closed]

I'd like to build a webapp for my game website that involves using text characters to represent animals and people, and have them move around on map squares with independent (server driven) AI. So ...
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