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Waves survival balance

I'm trying to create another Vampire Survivors clone and realize that the hardest part isn't the graphics or the code, but the balance. How do similar successful games achieve good balance, ...
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2D sidescroller water surface shader

I am implementing a little 2d fishing side-scroller as a hobby. Here is a screenshot of the work-in-progress: I have implemented a underwater distortion effect in a GLSL fragment shader, but I have ...
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Subtract waves from tilemap

I'm wondering how I could create a shader that would turn a randomly generated shape like this: And turn it into something more like this: Essentially just creating a top down view of ocean waves ...
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Gerstner/Sinusoidal wave directional rotation (flow) in regards to ocean currents/trade winds

I'm trying to create an ocean simulation using Gerstner waves based on the GPU Gems: Effective Water Simulation from Physical Models. So far I've completed the directional wave functionality and ...
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Reflections on moving water

I've been working on a simple game with semi-realistic water. I followed some tutorials to get: a flat water surface reflection and refraction (blended using fresnel term) ripples using a bump/normal ...
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LibGDX sound playing problem

I'm making a game and I want to play sounds in it. I have AssetManager which loads the sounds and I made a class which has playSound(String sound) method. This method calls the get() method of the ...
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XNA realistic water: How to clip along a mesh instead of a plane

I hope you can help me with the following problem: I'm developing a 3d game (in XNA) with an ocean. I want it to look semi-realistic. So far, I'm rendering 4 things: The ocean floor (terrain) on the ...
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