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2D sidescroller water surface shader

I am implementing a little 2d fishing side-scroller as a hobby. Here is a screenshot of the work-in-progress: I have implemented a underwater distortion effect in a GLSL fragment shader, but I have ...
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Subtract waves from tilemap

I'm wondering how I could create a shader that would turn a randomly generated shape like this: And turn it into something more like this: Essentially just creating a top down view of ocean waves ...
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Gerstner/Sinusoidal wave directional rotation (flow) in regards to ocean currents/trade winds

I'm trying to create an ocean simulation using Gerstner waves based on the GPU Gems: Effective Water Simulation from Physical Models. So far I've completed the directional wave functionality and ...
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Reflections on moving water

I've been working on a simple game with semi-realistic water. I followed some tutorials to get: a flat water surface reflection and refraction (blended using fresnel term) ripples using a bump/normal ...
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LibGDX sound playing problem

I'm making a game and I want to play sounds in it. I have AssetManager which loads the sounds and I made a class which has playSound(String sound) method. This method calls the get() method of the ...
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XNA realistic water: How to clip along a mesh instead of a plane

I hope you can help me with the following problem: I'm developing a 3d game (in XNA) with an ocean. I want it to look semi-realistic. So far, I'm rendering 4 things: The ocean floor (terrain) on the ...
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