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Why does volumetric fog require two checkboxes?

In the Unity High Definition Rendering Pipeline, when adding Volumetric Fog, there's a checkbox to enable the Volumetric Fog, and then there's an additional checkbox to the right of it that also has ...
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Unity settings overlapping other settings error

In my unity game, I am using the amazing unity asset aura volumetric lighting and when I add its script into my camera this happens: Yeah... I can't see anyone else who got these settings overlapping ...
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Texture Glitches When Drawn to Quad

Recently been trying to implement volumetric lighting. The alphaness texture comes out perfectly on Renderdoc, however a strange glitch occurs whenever I either try to directly render the texture ...
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How do I render light propagation volume without aliasing?

I have two major problems in my LPV implementation: The "blockyness" of my LPV light rendering (yes am using trilinear interpolation when sampling for the coefficients) The flickering that happens as ...
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Atmospheric scattering and fog

I've implemented a dynamic sky model (Preetham). I've got Rayleigh and Mie scattering working fine, but I'm not sure how to get the foggy effects in this Unity article Here is what I have so far: ...
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Generate Mesh of Shadow Volume

Given a mesh, I want to generate another mesh that is effectively a shadow volume of this mesh. I am looking for an algorithm/solution/implementation/reference that can do this under the following ...
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Volumetric Lighting projects models

I've been trying to implement Volumetric Lighting using the code from this tutorial but I've run into some issues, even after basically copypasting the shader code. I'll just show you what's going ...
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How do I render a volumetrically lit spotlight?

To be clear, I really do mean volumetric lighting; not only calculating which area is lit, but also realistically lighting the volume of "air" that the light hits on the way. Like this: I've tried ...
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Implementing Light Volume Front Faces

I recently read an article about light indexed deferred rendering from here: It explains its ideas in a clear way, but there was one point that ...
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How can I achieve the realtime clouds/sky effect of Lumion?

Does anyone know how they do this? They're not truly volumetric - you can't fly through them - it's still a texture. It looks like it's a perlin based solution, but I ...
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Computing volumetric light effects analytically

In my previous question I have asked about an effect on how to visualize light spheres. The question resulted in a very nice formulated answer which described pretty well how to achieve this by adding ...
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Multiple volumetric lights

I recently read this GPU GEMS 3 article Volumetric Light Scattering as a Post-Process. I like the idea to add volumetric light property to realtime render i'm working on. Question is will it work for ...
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