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How can I play and stop a Visual Effect Graph effect through script?

Can anyone please give an example lines of code one could use to play/stop a VFX through C# script.
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How can I recreate the Darwin Project's Particle?

I want to recreate electronic particle in Darwin Project.but I don't know how can I use vfx graph to make this effect.I upload this effect in youtube you can see in the link below: Darwin Project ...
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1 vote
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Unity Visual Effect: Play() has no effect

I am making my first visual effects, and I make effect, when my ship is flying. So I am want to play it only when the ship is actually moving. I would suppose it's easy, you call Play(), it will play. ...
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Where to place "Set XYZ over life" blocks in Unity VFX graph?

As the title says, I am learning VFX graph in Unity and I am curious where I should place "Set ... over Life", for example ...
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