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What is the name for the types of assets used in games like "Brotato"?

What type of assets are used in games like "Brotato"? Brotato steam page Video of gameplay Would these be called vector graphics or are they just really smooth looking sprites? I'm ...
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Should I use a full shader solution or geometry for vector rendering in OpenGL?

I am trying to create a vector rendering library for OpenGL in Rust. Currently, the goal is to produce nanovg-like rendering. I have found two approaches to doing my rendering: The pure shader ...
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Why do my svg sprites (vector images) appear to have very low resolution in the game view and how can I fix this issue?

I recently drew a game sprite for my game using Adobe Illustrator 2021. I exported the sprite using the Export for Screens menu to export the entire artboard. The problem I have in Unity 2021+ is that ...
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Raster Graphics vs Vector graphics

There was this game that I used to play when I was a kid. It's named Another World. It was ahead of its time in graphics, it even has real-time cutscenes on the SNES version. That game does not use ...
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How to perform 2D vector graphics operations in Unity

I am currently working on a game that is drawn completely by 2d vector graphics operations like e.g. drawRoundedRectangle drawPolygon fillRect withBlur How can I perform such vector graphics ...
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Is there a way to set a pallet for colours in an SVG image and change them at runtime for one gameobject?

in the latest beta build for unity they introduced the ability to import svg files. What I'd like to know is if there is a way to identify all svg shapes by colour, and then change those colours, as ...
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How can I generate vertex data from an SVG?

I am trying out the Phaser game engine, and am interested in making a vector graphics game (simple black and white like Asteroids), but I want to use vector graphics instead of raster PNGs. I was ...
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Drawing game app: How to use vector graphics instead of bitmap in Android?

I have a problem concerning the concept of using vector graphics instead of bitmaps in order to draw on canvas. Usually to draw on canvas we set a bitmap to that canvas and we start drawing pixels on ...
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Combining raster textures with vector graphics. How can I do this? (See image)

I'm developing an art style that combines pixel art with simple vector graphics, but I'm feeling lost and need clarity what is technically possible within game engines. First of all, take a look at ...
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Why can't CSS Sprites handle vectors?

Almost all the documentation available either says that "sprites are bitmaps" or that "css sprites must be bitmaps". Is there a specific reason for this? Is it, in fact possible to create a css sprite ...
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What are some ways of making a game engine centered around the idea of drawing vector lines and polygons only? [closed]

I've always loved the look of games that just use simple lines and polygons for graphics. Rez is one of my favorite games, visually. I'm a programmer and designer first and foremost, and I'm horrible ...
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Creating Direct2D PathGeometry from XAML format

Is it possible to create a Direct2D PathGeometry object from a XAML string (or from any other vector format) or do I have to create such a parser myself?
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1 vote
2 answers

Drawing sprite shapes with triangles instead of textures

If I want to use no textures in a game (ie. no png images), could I just break down my drawing into triangles, combined into the shape I want to draw, and draw those triangles instead? For example, I ...
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Textures quality issues with Libgdx

I have drawn several vector objets and characters ( in Adobe Illustrator ) for my game on Android. They are all scalable at any size without any quality losses ( of course it's vector ^^ ). I have ...
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Is it possible to emulate vector scaling with raster graphics?

I'm looking to develop a Tech Design Document with my programming team and we're now on the fence about a major 2D graphical engine decision. What we would like to try to emulate is a more dynamic ...
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2 answers

What would be a good game making engine supporting Vector images? [closed]

I want to create a simple platforming game, in which you are a square in a wonderful world. I would like this game to be able to be played in browsers. Basically I am searching for something similar ...
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3 answers

Vector Art Tool: Size, Position, Shapes, Symbols

I'm looking for a vector art tool for gameart, similar to Flash, but preferably free. It just needs the following capabilities: Create vector images (can scale up/down without losing quality) Specify ...
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What's the best program to learn/create 2d vector sprites? [closed]

I have Photoshop experience and a bit of drawing experience, and am looking to learn how to create sprites like this: Any tips ...
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High Performance Vector Graphics Solutions [closed]

I'm looking for a high performance vector graphics library I can use in my games. I'm thinking along the lines of vector graphics such as those that can be made with SVG. I'll consider any language ...
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Rendering SVG art directly in XNA

Suppose I have a bunch of 2D art in some vectorized format such as SVG. Is there an easy-ish way to render that directly without having to implement a full SVG renderer myself? Of course I could ...
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