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locations being stored in map manager are inaccurate and ruining overlap validation I don't understand why sometimes the sections are deactivating like they should... and sometimes they are not. All I'm trying to do is make sure the maze pieces can't be ...
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Question-Answer Game with coin rewards, how to validate answer?

I'm making a game that is basically a typical question-answer type. With coins as reward per answered question. Stacks and requirements: UI frameworks of iOS and Android, no game engine. REST API. ...
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How can I clamp the transform to a range?

I am trying to create a level editor in Unity. When the position of an object is changed, I want that object to have its X and Y positions clamped between 1 and 10. So if the position is changed to ...
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Server-side physic simulations with hundreds of players

I’m currently working on a singleplayer physics-orientated game where I would like the physics to be simulated server-side. This because the game will have leadersboards, persistant player progression,...
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Checking validation of entries in a Sudoku game written in Java

I'm building a simple Sudoku game in Java which is based on a matrix (an array[9][9]) and I need to validate my board state according to these rules: all rows have 1-9 digits all columns have 1-9 ...
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How forcefully should a single-player engine reject invalid data?

In a single-player game, when trying to build an entity out of components specified in external scripts, what do you think is more desirable to happen when one of the components is ill-formed: Should ...
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Multiplatform GLSL shader validator?

Im working on a multiplatform (Pc,Mac,Linux) game that uses shaders quite extensively. Since we do not have any funding, it is pretty hard to test our game on all possible hardware configurations. ...
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Sanity checks vs file sizes

In your game assets do you make room for explicit sanity checks, or do you have some generally expected bounds which you assert? I've been thinking about how we compress data and thought that it's ...
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