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How can I accommodate custom pronouns in voice acting?

I am currently developing an RPG in which, during character creation, players may choose their pronouns as he/him/his, she/her/hers, or a custom entry based on their own text input. Whenever ...
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How to make the player unable to change some of the game elements?

I am making a text turn based RPG fighting game in which you create your own spells. You also share them as JSON files with your friends. Sharing is required to win. The game is designed so that it ...
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How can I add an in-game level editor?

I have 200 prefabs and a scene with an infinite flat plane. I want to allow user to edit the scene - add, remove, rotate, place that prefabs and save/load resulting "scene" in some custom format. ...
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Player customization of entity and handling textures

I'm developing a racing game where you can customize your vehicle with pre-made textures and also user generated ones (players can add assets to the game). I want to know what you think is the best ...
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What is a good way to procedurally generate large tilemaps?

I'm sorry if this question was already asked before. The game I'm aiming to make is a 2D-top down game in similar fashion to Zelda. I'm generating tilemaps, simple grids with 16x16 pixels per tile, ...
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EXE-ifying custom levels/scripts/graphics/music

My game is pretty much just a game-builder, where you create your own levels, scripts, graphics, music etc. and the game just loads them from a file you tell it. But how would I make it so the user ...
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Supporting user-made content/add-ons

I'd like to start allowing for user-made content in my game. I'd like users to be able to add their own levels, entities and quests (along with all of the assets that are required). However, I'm ...
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How to attract modders to your game?

I am developing a game, but as I am working on it alone, the amount of content I can create is very limited. Because of that I want my game to be modded, for this purpose I am planning to create a ...
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Concept: Interpretive Spells [closed]

The goal is to be able to create complex spells, that can manipulate the game's environment in non-preprogrammed ways, and to make the program understand spells. For example: ...
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Can I add Models Dynamically in XNA

i want to add Models (FBX) to My XNA Game without adding them to the "Game Content Project" , so the user could choose his own model , how could i implement this ?
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User generated content: a basic yet simple to use OR a complex yet powerful solution?

As stated above, which solution is better for a game based on user generated content? The simple solution (in-game editor) is great for gamers without experience in coding and etc. In this way every ...
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Are mobile devices a viable platform/market for "User-Generated Content"-based games?

I intend to do a lot of research into this, but I know this community has a knack for delivering hard-to-find gems of knowledge, so I figured I'd ask here first. Preamble (My Situation) I'm ...
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