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Stripe IAP Plugin Breaks on Build

I apologize in advance, I'll try and explain this the best i can, but i really don't know what's causing this. I have a project I'm building for UWP, I'm using Stripe IAP for in app purchases. The ...
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Facilitator UI on desktop screen for VR

Hey and thanks in advance for any help/pointers The solution is probably straight forward but i am still a little inexperienced (while creating quite a few different VR unity projects mostly study ...
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(C++, DirectX 11, UWP) - How do I update the ByteWidth of a VertexBuffer without recreating it?

I want to have one buffer used for all dynamic properties but the amount of vertices in this could vary from just a few for an interface to the whole scene. As such if it's becomes initialized with ...
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Using Standard Asset RBFP Controller for Universal Windows Platform

I was using the rigidbodyfirstperson controller, and it stopped working when I changed the build settings to UWP. Any body know the reason for this or how to solve it? Thanks... Rik
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Why am I getting errors like these when trying to build my app

I am currently trying to build and publish my app to the universal windows platform halfway through the process of doing so, during the validation process I got stopped with these errors. The 1st one ...
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