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Questions tagged [ui-toolkit]

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1 answer

How to get value of transitionDuration in C# for Unity UI Toolkit

My existing code for this task is: ...
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1 answer

UIElement button does not work when clicked

I have a small issue with my UI. Whenever I click a button on my pause menu ui nothing happens even when I hover over the buttons. However, in my main menu scene, the UI works without any problems. ...
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Conception of resolution between UI Builder, Simulator and code

I would like to understand and more master the concept of resolution with the aim to locate perflectly my GameObjects and UIDocuments (into a Canvas). I have a issue betwwen many data declaration, ...
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2 answers

How can I override the footer buttons in Unity's UI Toolkit ListView?

In the new UI Toolkit that is shipped with Unity 2021+ there's a ListView component that can be added using the UI Builder, which has an option to enable the footer buttons. in UXML: ...
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2 answers

How can I right-align elements in Unity's UI Toolkit scroll view?

I've tried a basic google search and am still having trouble with this one. Unity encourages the use of UI Toolkit at this point, as opposed to their old system, so that's what I'm going with; I have ...
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Is it possible to keep a prefab of a UI element with UI Toolkit?

I'm digging into Unity's new UI Toolkit, and so far I like it a lot; but there are a few things bugging me about it. I have a dynamic list in my UI which keeps track of way point paths, and it changes ...
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0 answers

Desynchronizing MonoBehavior's "Update" from the overall app or UI Toolkit graphic output rendering in Unity?

Is it possible to desynchronize Application.targetFrameRate and Monobehavior's Update() from the graphics output rendering rate ...
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