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Questions tagged [tutorials]

Tutorials are mechanisms for teaching a player about some game mechanic. This tag should be used for questions about implementing tutorials in a game project, not for questions about find tutorials for tasks (such questions are off-topic).

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Add a controls instruction overlay to game HUD

I was wondering how I could make an instruction panel for the users of my game in Unity. I will add a photo to this post that shows an instruction panel. Any explanations would be much appreciated!
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Development pattern for interactive in-game tutorials

Interactive in-game tutorials often interrupt game flow and override standard behavior in a way that can be difficult to implement cleanly. For example, imagine we have an action game and we want a ...
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How to make attention grabbing notifications?

A lot of my play-testers miss the tutorial notifications in my game. The notifications fade into the screen and fade out after the player progresses away from where the tutorial was relevant. I've ...
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Force new players to play tutorial?

We have released our new game to a closed alpha group. It's a browser-based MMO RTS, however some aspects of the game are slightly different from the "standards" you'd expect to see in traditional RTS'...
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How to address players struggling with simple controls?

I have an HTML game I built with Phaser 3, and I can't decide what to do with the controls. I've changed them several times, and now I feel like I've hit a sweet spot between usability and fun. ...
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How can I convey to a player that they need to hold the screen?

My game has similar mechanics as Flappy Bird game. When you tap or hold the screen with your finger, character goes up. Everybody who tested the game forgot to hold touching the screen, instead they ...
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Should I Have a Ridiculously Easy First Level? [closed]

I am making a game based on a grid and filling in certain squares with certain colors according to some rules. It is level-based, and the difficulty of a level is determined by the size of the grid ...
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How to prevent players from getting lost during the onboarding phase of an RPG?

I've created a new RPG and tested it with some players. They like it, but get lost at certain points. For example, I'm using hotkeys to open modals, T to talk, ...
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How can I ensure the player learns all skills in a single open level?

I am making a game that only has a single level. It is a survival game. If there were multiple levels, I can have the player learn new skills gradually. For example, level one requires jumping, level ...
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Tutorial text without annoying user?

I have tutorial text (which I plan to augment with voice-over later, but it must be text for now, because I have not contracted a VO actor yet). The text presents itself in dialogs, which are like ...
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Architechture problem of implementation of a tutorial for a game

I'm creating one for my game and I'm confused a bit. I made special TutorialManager class and a number of steps to pass for player first time entered the game. The ...
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How do I elegantly teach players how to play?

I've been thinking about how puzzle platformers teach players how to play. I like Super Meat Boy, particularly the way in which it teaches you without noticing you are being taught. It kept me ...
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Do I create a first login tutorial for new users? [closed]

I'm finishing my first browser game. I really don't know if I have to develop a "first login" tutorial or not. Do you think it's important? I hate the image-based tutorials, with just few screenshot ...
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What makes in-game tutorials effective?

Has there been any research into how to maximize in-game tutorials effectiveness? Any blogs, articles or research papers would be appreciated.
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