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Questions tagged [turn-based]

A unit or group of units performs an action while everything else is only capable of reacting to that performed action(s). Then the next unit or group of units can act.

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How do I model / diagram turn-based combat?

I'm developing a turn-based combat system for an RPG, and I'd like to know if there is any kind of best practice around diagrammatically modelling something like this. The ideal modelling paradigm ...
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Need to boost the number of simultaneous players in single (existing) game with Unity3d

I have created a turn based multiplayer game (with Unity3d) in which three teams battle to finish constructing a cake before one another. The game mostly targets on entertaining kids at certain venues....
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Tip on turn based game AI

I'm quite new in video game AI, and I'm trying to design an AI for a turn based game. The rules are simple: The battle field is represented by an NxM board. The game is between two team, each team ...
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Turn Based Game Match Data in iOS

Hi I’m working on turn based game development using turn based API from Apple’s GameKit framework. My game is 2 player strategy game. Currently I’m facing the issue match data update on game play ...
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How to design phases of a single turn

Battles in my game run fully automatically and return a combat log afterwards. My main game loop looks like this: ...
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Turn Based AI Algorithm (Small Board, Two Steps)

This is my Game-Board: -> The Red Balls are the AI-Controlled Actors. -> The Blue Balls are the Player-Controlled Actors. -> The Yellow Cells are the locations, from which the Red Balls can attack. ->...
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How do multiplayer turn based games handle computation

I am building a turn based multiplayer simulation game that at the end of each turn takes all of the users inputs/actions then compiles all the data and interactions returning the result of the ...
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Deterministic steering behaviors

I'm working on a turn based strategy game (like Jagged Alliance), where the player moves his units individually during his turn, while the enemies (zombies) all move and react simultaneously. I use ...
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Android Studio libgdx multiplayer

Does anyone know if it's possible to setup a multiplayer game using libgdx in Android Studio? I've been trying to convert my game to multiplayer using all kinds of tutorials on libgdx & ...
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