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Update TTF Texture for Score

I have a little problem with Updating my Score with TTF. Im a neewbie so dont blame me :P I Try to Update my Score But the Buffer Get too small after a while and my Game Crashes. ...
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How to make texture for text displaying using SDL ttf with good performance?

In my game, there are many units and for each units there's an information widget attached next to them. I use SDL as the game rendering engine. I currently want to display their ID for debugging ...
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SDL_TTF Manual Line Ending

With SDL TTF I've already gotten automatic line wrapping down using the built in "wrapped" function. However, now I want to do what I guess you could call manual line wrapping. Basically, at certain ...
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Why am I hitting a small character limit when rendering with SDL_TTF?

I'm making a text based game using SDL2 and SDL_TTF. I just started working with TTF, and I've noticed there is some kind of character limit regarding how much text you can render at a time! I can ...
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Problem using SDL_TTF

I'm trying to create a 2D game, and I'm trying to use a layered drawing model. First I draw the background, then the world, then the constructs (buildings etc.), then the objects (NPC's etc.) and ...
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Can't figure out how to create texture from a font-surface

I can't seem to be able to render my font, it crashes and I can't figure out why. It seems to load the font correctly, but the parts relating to surface crashes. Why does my texture crash? Here is ...
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SDL TTF render variable

This is the way I render the score in my main game , and I made this new project to understand how to use it... It works , the score is updated and it display on the screen but the problem is memory......
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libgdx - Trying to load ttf font using asset manager

I tried to load a ttf font using an AssetManager like this: ...
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How to use SDL_TTF's outlines

This might be a basic question but googling isn't turning out anything useful: How are we supposed to use TTF_SetFontOutline ? I know we're able to create an outline (and it looks alright) but since ...
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Inverting a Font? [closed]

How can I invert a font like so: See here: This is my own .ttf font, I can edit it. The image that I posted was inverted manually by me. I am searching for a way ...
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Why can't I read .ttf file when running Android configuration?

When running or debugging my game on Android device, I get this error in the logcat: com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Error reading file: data/fonts/myFont.ttf (Internal) Which is ...
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TTF fonts are being converted to image in CPU or GPU?

Once I use a TTF font, when they are being converted to images to be rendered? Does CPU or GPU do the conversion? How heavy is that operation?
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