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How to make this Triplanar Shader Graph follow object rotation

I have what is essentially a double triplanar shader. The first triplanar is a base rock texture, and the second triplanar is going to be an accent texture, such as grass, sand, etc, which is always ...
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Convert a UV shader to Triplanar

I am doing procedural environment generation using Houdini and Unity. There are two main shader features I want: Vertex-Color Height Blending - I currently have a shader for this which I purchased. ...
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UE4 - UProceduralMeshComponent - texturing issues

I am having a lot of trouble texturing a procedural mesh in UE4. I am using perlin noise from Accidental Noise Library with PolyVox to generate randomized marching cube terrain. Accidental Noise ...
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How to texture voxel terrain without triplanar texturing?

How can a voxel terrain (marching cubes) be textured without triplanar mapping ? The goal being to have more artistic freedom. I think, I could unwrap the mesh while extracting the isosurface then ...
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"Marching cubes" voxel terrain - triplanar texturing with depth?

I am currently working on a voxel terrain that uses the marching cubes algorithm for polygonizing the scalar field of voxels. I am using a triplanar texturing shader for texturing. say I have a grass ...
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