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Questions tagged [trailer]

A demonstrative or promotional video which advertises a game, often with its most attractive features.

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2 votes
2 answers

How to record high quality footage for a game trailer?

I'm trying to record a trailer for my game using OBS, but the recordings are coming out in very poor quality. I've tried increasing the video bitrate, but that just makes the game lag during recording....
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2 answers

Make HD trailer for Unity game

I am making a HD trailer for my Unity game. How do I record awesome HD shots of my game inside the Unity editor?
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2 votes
1 answer

Marketing a browser game with a specific audience

My issue is that I have extensively developed an online browser game, but mainly the marketing and independent developer guides tailor to action packed executable games. My game also tailors to a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Version Not Final, Does Not Represent Actual Game Footage?

Just curious about this. Frequently, a lot of gameplay videos from big studios have small subtitled text at the lower part of the screen, reading something like: Pre-Alpha Gameplay -- Footage not ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Game Trailer Reference other Games

I am currently developing a game that pulls in the basic ideas and concepts from 3 other games. I want to make a trailer, and can I put in the trailer something like this: Pulling Game Concepts ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Where to hire someone to make a trailer? [closed]

Developers are found on coding forums, artists are found on art forums, etc... but where to find someone who is good at making trailers? Is there some community of "trailer makers"? Should I look for ...
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13 votes
6 answers

How are game cinematics made?

How is a game cinematic made? I can't find a decent article anywhere to give at least starting point into understanding what it takes to create a cinematic. I don't mean typical scripted game play, ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Tips for creating great game trailers

Impressive trailers for your game can really help show players how awesome your game is, but I'm having trouble finding tips that describe how to create a great trailer. I would like to learn about ...
15 votes
15 answers

How can I record my vector graphics game without blurring the graphics?

A lot of people asked for a trailer for my game, because screenshots do not do it justice. I have tested PlayClaw, Fraps, CamStudio, VirtualDub, and some other minor tools; none have produced a viable ...
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