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Is it possible to always make a trail crossing another trail on top in unity?

I have a couple objects with trail renderers. I was wondering if it was possible to make it so that when an object passes over the trail of another object, it always appears on top ? Because right now ...
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VFX Graph projectile trail shows gaps

I'm learning to use Unity's VFX Graph to create projectiles. One projectile I'm working on is starting to get where I want it to be, but there's an issue where gaps are visible in the trail when I ...
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Dust trail when character runs

I'm making a 2D top view game (same perspective as the game Forager) in Unity. I want the game to be visually appealing, and want to add some details like dust particles. Whenever the character moves, ...
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How to render line renderer or trail renderer above UI canvas

I want to create a line renderer and also trail renderer that would follow touches but both must be rendered above my UI canvas — how can I do this? I have tried this with the "screen space camera" ...
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How to implement trail renderer like unity?

I wang to implement a trail renderer in my course about compute graphics using OpenGL. I google this question and search it in and find nothing except unity trail ...
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Unity3d 2017 trail renderer behaving weird

Please see the screenshot I attached, I am trying to make skid marks using trail renderer, but one side of trail is going upwards just after it renders, it was working fine Unity 5.4, but when I ...
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LineRenderer not working using Vuforia in Unity

So I'm trying to render a line that shows up when camera sees an image target and moves around with it. Very typical AR application. But my line renderer doesn't seem to show at all. Here's the code:...
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How to achieve dotted trail behind moving object with use of Trail Renderer?

How can I achieve effect shown on picture below with use of Trail Renderer in 2D game? Is it even possible? I need dotted (dashed) trail behind my object and i can't figure it out. don't know why ...
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Draw a line trailing behind a moving object

I'm working with monogame, moving a sprite object up and down. I want to draw a trail from the sprite's position and scrolling off to the left of the screen - like the sprite was a pencil leaving ...
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Unity Trail for Eyes 2D

i want to make some kind of an Eye Tail effect for this charakter: I found the Unity Trail Renderer effect but the start of the Trial is perpendicular to the dragged/moved direction: Can i make the ...
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Unity Trail Renderer artifacts — flickering & disappearing

I have a projectile prefab that have 2 trail renderers attached to it. Whenever I instantiate another projectile, every trail renderer seems to flicker. This is similar to the question: Changes to one ...
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Changes to one Unity trail renderer causes all of them to flicker

I'm using Unity. So I have a prefab, and this prefab has a trail renderer component attached to it. However, for some of the game objects I want to stop the trailer renderer at certain points in time....
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How can I make a trail renderer flat with the normal of the nearest face?

I'm making a basic skid system for a car model using a trail renderer. I have everything setup and working properly except that the trail renderer always faces the camera. I want the trails to be ...
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Create a 2D trail in Unity?

I would like to make a trail for a pixelated snake such as this one : As you can see, the cross simply repeats itself to create the snake. In Unity I have messed around with Trail Renderer, tried ...
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