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2 answers

Looking for a tournament system for the group of semi-anonymous players some of which may ignore specific matches. How can I do that?

I need to implement a tournament system for a one-time tournaments between a finite sets of anonymous players. Single-elimination or a Groups-system tournament (for a bigger number of players) would ...
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Where can I find a service hosting tournaments with prize funds? [closed]

I have a game, and users are self-organizing to create tournament sites. They want to be able to create a tournament, have competitors put down a $1 each, and the winner takes all. Are there any ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Tournament ranking for card game bot fights - how to try new bot against existing ranking?

Let's say we run a tournament for 10 bots playing 1-1 fights in card game with significant randomness influence. To measure bot skills level we run round-robin with 10k matches per each pair. Ranking ...
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A number of teams playing against each other: what is a fitting game term? [closed]

Basically I am looking for the right expression for a specific set (usually 2-6) of teams (a team is a group of individuals controlled by one player) in a tounament-like game. The team-set is a subset ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Match Making Groups of Players

Given a situation where I have a pool of X people of different scores (ranks) S with game size ...
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What is the best implementation of an automated tournament? [closed]

Here are the specs so far to give you an idea to the question. should be fully automate-able should not inconvenience the player with regards to time should allow for a voted wild card system should ...
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3 answers

What middle tier and backend libraries exist for handling player matching and out of game information? [closed]

Are there any libraries or frameworks readily available that handle player metrics, rankings, matching, tournaments, etc? Anything for managing the player community? (Please don't say DotNetNuke)
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