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Questions tagged [torque]

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0 answers

How to apply specific torque to configurable joint in Unity

I have a torque vector that needs to be applied to a configurable joint connecting two rigid bodies. This joint configured in such a way, that it only allows angular motion around all 3 axes. Is ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Object stuck against an obstacle still pushes other objects away

I have an object pinned against the ground by a revolute joint. A motor on the joint makes the object spin. Sometimes the object becomes stuck pushing against a static body. When it happens the object ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Control Torque Inputvector

I'm faced with the following problem: I'm trying to implement a rigidbody-based movement for my submarine game which means I want (need?) to useAddForce() and <...
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Bullet Physics Applying Torques Effects not noticeable

I am applying torques to a rag doll in order to make it move/walk. For some reason, I am unable to view any effects when I use a call to rigidbody to apply torques even though these torques are ...
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Torque doesn't get into equilibrium with simple spring system

I'm trying to implement a spring-mass-dampener system but running into some issues. The linear movement gets into equilibrium as it's supposed to, but the object just keeps rotating until the ...
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Torque Generation

I have written a basic physics engine. It is able to handle rotations. But how do I handle case like this where an object sits on top of another and needs to rotate due to the effect of gravity ? I ...
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