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A timestep (commonly represented as `dt` or `deltaTime`) is the amount of in-game time that elapses between two discrete updates of a piece of the game's internal state, or the duration that an update operation is meant to model. Timesteps arise in game loops, physics simulations, animation timelines, interpolation, and other systems modeling change over time.

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Fixed timestep with interpolation in AS3

I'm trying to implement Glenn Fiedler's popular fixed timestep system as documented here: In Flash. I'm fairly sure that I've got it set up ...
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Game runs at different speeds in Chrome versus Firefox

I am using Box2D for physics on the server side. Player position is updated on the server, so there is nothing the client can do except give input. But running game in Chrome only, the player moves ...
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Xna 4 Model Rotation with inertia not working as expected with variable updates

I am trying to rotate a model with inertia damping with the keyboard. The code works great with a fixed time step but it doesn't behave the same with a variable update frequency. Update method: <...
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Variable Timestepping & Unexpected Jerkiness/Stutter in a Simple Test Case Scenario

I have been bashing my head of an extremely simple case in my C++ game and would like some help. I have been researching about game loops, variable & fixed timestepping, rendering interpolation, ...
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Unity How does Time.smoothDeltaTime work

I can't seem to find any actual information on what Time.smoothDeltaTime does or how it works. I would assume it takes a rolling average of previous deltaTimes but how does it do that? Is the ...
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Implementation of continous, grid aligned, smooth movement (C / C++)

I've been trying to make my own implementation of Snake clone using Allegro 5 / C. Unfortunetaly I can't find a good method to align x & y position of snake to grid. I'm looking for some good ...
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Keeping simulations in sync over long periods of time

I'm working on a multiplayer game which involves a huge amount of predictable AI enemies, and a few other players. The enemies are the most important to be accurate, because the game involves pixel ...
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Physics fixed time step with client/server games

I'm trying to make a 2D platforming multiplayer game with client/server system. I want to use Node.js and Phaser for the display. I read a lot about fixedTimeStep :
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Interpolate Entitiypositions received from Server

I want to Inter, or perhaps, extrapolate the positions of gameentities on the client. Those positions are received from the Server. The vague updaterate of the server makes it difficult to implement. ...
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Particle System Tracking

I have a particle system where instead of tracking the time each particle is alive, I just track the time of the oldest particle and the time of the youngest particle. Basically, the oldest particle ...
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Distance between moving, rotated rectangles in snake game

I am trying to implement basic Snake game with movement based on timestep. For now I've got something along those lines: Update function: ...
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Scaling transforms by time, Eigen Decomposition of Affine Transforms

I posted this question in mathematics, but that sight gets flooded with homework problems... 8 views total, most of them me. Plus, I think this question is more geared to game development anyway. I am ...
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Java game loops with high tick times?

Take for example the first game loop from this question. A similar code is used in Minecraft (at least in older versions). I understand the concept and how this loop works in principle. But there is ...
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How to apply forces to rigidbody when Time.timeScale is changed?

My Task: I'm trying to replicate this virtual 3d creature evolution project. I'm using unity as my physics engine. Each limb part has a MonoBehaviour called an <...
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Correcting different dash distances depending on frame rate when using deltaTime

I'm trying to make a character do a short hop or dash. The player doesn't have control of the character for the duration of the dash, which is supposed to be about .4 seconds. I tried several ways of ...
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Particle friction with variable timestep in XNA

Alright, so I'm working on an engine of sorts in XNA (yes, it's deprecated, I know) and I'm implementing my own particle system. I've defined a "ParticleEffect" such that when it's supplied a ...
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Run a few seconds of simulation just after loading a scene

I'm looking for a way to execute 3 to 15 seconds of simulation once a scene is loaded. The problem is: some objects can be left suspended in motion while the player exits the scene. their state is ...
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Smooth behaviours at high Time.timeScale

When I set the Time.timeScale in unity very high, many scripts seem to do werid things (because of the high deltaTime they use for their logic). Is there an option ...
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