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game mechanics involving moving through time, slowing down speeding it up, or generally any game mechanic that involves the manipulation of time.

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How can I implement slow motion for one player in multiplayer?

Special attacks in Mortal Kombat Mobile require slow motion i.e. delay in game play. On multiplayer mode, when the opponent uses special attacks, I don't observe any lag/delay. When I use special ...
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Custom Update Function -OR- Multiple TimeScales

I'm trying to create some interesting variations on timescales in my game. In essence, I'd like at least two, probably three or four separate timescales. The player - the player timescale is likely ...
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In Unity, how can I get trigger enter/exit every frame when I change Time.timeScale?

In my game I have a power-up that slows everything down. I keep the player at regular speed by dividing deltaTime by timeScale. Everything works perfectly except for OnTriggerStay2D which appears to ...
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Transition between normal and slow motion

I have a game (C++) in which I want to transition between two speeds of motion. For illustration, the player raises their weapon to aim, and whilst this is in progress over a known duration, time ...
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GameTime Replacement / Wrapper for Pausing , Slow-mo and 'Fast-mo'

I'm looking to change the way in which my game uses GameTime to run the game so that I can easily pause the game (elapsedTime = 0...
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Implementing time slowdown in a multiplayer game [duplicate]

My game has first-person melee combat that is based on directional attacks that are controlled with mouse gestures. For example, a downward slash is most effectively blocked by a shield held up high. ...
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How to code Time Stop or Bullet Time in a game?

I am developing a single-player RPG platformer in XNA 4.0. I would like to add an ability that would make the time "stop" or slow down, and have only the player character move at the original speed(...
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Handling game states like Braid's timeshift or Shooter's Killcam

me as very unexperienced game developer, I wondered how I could achieve something like re-winding the time in my game or jump back to a special moment (killcam) and replay it for the user.
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5 votes
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Easiest Way To Implement "Slow Motion" and variable game speed in XNA?

I have an XNA 4.0 game that I want to be able to switch into slow motion and back again to full speed every now and then. So if you kill an enemy the game switches into slow motion as they explode ...
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How to implement time traveling into a game?

I was wondering how to implement time travel into a game. Nothing super complex, just time-reversal like what's in Braid, where the user can rewind/fast forward time by 30 seconds or whatever. I ...
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"Time Control" in a 2d Platformer

I am making a 2d platformer where the player can press a button, and restart the level, only their previous character will also run the level at the same time, like they are traveling back in time. I ...
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