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Time management relates to how people spend time on a project, and is a key part of project management. It has nothing to do with in-game mechanics (you might be thinking of the time-travel tag) or timing issues (see the timing tag).

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How to make real-time pvp game where both players perceive in-game time normally while actual relative time-flow speed between them is different?

I was thinking about making a real-time (not tour-like) PvP game where both players among other attributes would have 'speed' attribute that would define their movement and attack speed. But because ...
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Should game data be encoded in configuration files, given that it will almost always contain logic?

Question inspired by the accepted answer to another question: Wondering if there is a more efficient way to store level data in my game? The answer, by @Evorlor, says: You should have the data for ...
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Wondering if there is a more efficient way to store level data in my game?

I am trying to remake Super Mario Bros. in JavaScript and I am trying to figure out if there is a more efficient way to create and store the level data. I have created 1-1 and here's what the code ...
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What is the hardest thing in game development process? [closed]

I am new to the game-dev area, although I have professional experience in programming and some other qualities like making graphics in Photoshop or 3D modelling. Currently I am learning one widely ...
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How much time would it take to make a sprite-based isometric game with customizable characters? [closed]

I've never been good with 3-d models, but I can do sprites. I was hoping I could perhaps make a 2-d isometric game that acts like 3-d. Something like Don't Starve is what I have in mind. Here's the ...
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Realistically, how long would it take for 1 person to create a 2D isometric RPG? [closed]

Something I have been looking into for a while is developing my own PC game. I'm very into CRPGs like Fallout 1 and 2, UnderRail, Wasteland 2, etc. I have long desired to create my own game like this, ...
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Finding average input value over time in seconds

I'd like to find the average input value from a controller over the last n seconds (say the last 0.1 seconds) and do this every frame. I can see how to do this for the past n frames by storing a list ...
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Time per turn in a .NET turn-based game?

I am developing the server for a browser game, it uses an ASP.NET API for authentication, login and character creation and a websocket for the rest of the game (Microsoft.Web.WebSockets). While on ...
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Can I use feature creep to my advantage? [closed]

Can I use feature creep to my advantage? Every time I prototype a game, features are inadvertently added. This happens either through coincidence, or it happens to be easy to add based on existing ...
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How do you prepare for feature creep?

How can I prepare for feature creep during preproduction? Feature creep is when you are in the production phase and decide "It would be cool if this were a feature!" That adds n hours to the ...
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When in the development process should the programming start and what should be programmed first? [closed]

I think the title really says it all. Should I start programming after designing the basic outline of the game or should I have the whole thing written out? If I write the whole thing out isn't that ...
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How to deal with "level design creep?"

Level Design Creep is what I've started to call what happens when you build a series of levels and notice that every level is a little bit better looking or designed than the last, or when working ...
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How to create a reasonably sized urban area manually but efficiently

I have a game concept that only really works in an urban area that is of reasonable scale and diversity. In terms of what it should look like, think GTA, in terms of the size think more like a small ...
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XNA GameTime TotalGameTime slower than real time

I have set-up an empty test project consisting of a System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch and this in the draw method: ...
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Coming up with manageable game ideas as a hobbyist game developer

I'm trying to come up with ideas for games to develop - as per the advice on this question I've started jotting down and brainstorming my ideas as I get them, and it has worked relatively well - I now ...
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Getting It Done vs Solid Software Design?

With barely enough time at our hands to complete the games we craft, how can you strike a good balance between solid software architecture and making good progress to get it all done? My personal ...
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Where is the time spent?

Game development is a large process. In your experience, how are the total hours for releasing a game divided over the following major areas. I believe this is useful because few people (none?) are ...
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How can I effectively manage a hobby game project?

How can I successfully finish a hobby game project in my free time? How do I motivate myself to keep it up and drive right through to the finish without losing interest or motivation along the way?