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How can I generate random splatter shapes like these?

I am trying to make a tileset. I made some tiles by hand in GIMP using one of the included pencil shapes. I would like to automate the process. They need to fit in the square and have the features you ...
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How to structure/size isometric sprites

I'm taking a look at a isometric asset pack from Kenney, and all the images are 512x256..even images with just a small barrel in it. Seems like a lot of space is wasted? Is this good practice, to keep ...
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How can I generate a TileSet from an existing image of a level?

Let say I have this level from Zelda: ALTTP. I know that each tiles are 16x16. How can I generate a tileset and map from part of the original image? (Image source)
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What are the pros and cons of using larger tiles in a 2d game with freely placed entities?

I am working on a 2d game with the Godot Engine and I'm about to start drawing the tiles for the ground tileset. These will be used solely for the purpose of painting the ground because the trees, ...
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How to use multiple tilesets in a map?

I'm currently looking at this phaser example: Here, the author creates a simple tilemap editor. In line #33 he adds a preloaded image as tileset. ...
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Help with 2D Pixel art sizing in unity

I just got into making a pixel art platformer for fun and I wanted it to work so that I could have a scrolling parallax background and also a tile set for the actual level to be played on. I ...
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How to make pngs into tilemap and sprites for unity

I have a tilemap in png form from Pyxel Edit I want to put in Unity. I tried to just use the png but I realized I can't do that and am now stuck. The backgrounds are not there because I used a decent ...
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Divide a tile map into multiple images

So let's say I have a tilemap 5 x 5, which equals 25 tiles. How can I divide my tilemap into 25 different images? I'm using tiled, but I don't know if it is possible to do it on there or if I need to ...
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