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Questions tagged [tilemap]

Tile map is a technique of re-using small graphic pieces, tiles, over and over again to shape the game field.

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isometric tile tiled format javascript [closed]

Okay im having a problem with drawing an isometric map exported from tiled. Here is my problem. where it should be like this Here is the code that i used to reproduce the 1st image, what's wrong ...
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Collision using Tilemaps [closed]

How do I get the player in a platformer to collide with tiles My code for my for loop is ...
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Simple collision detection implementation [closed]

I'm making a game with C++ where the program extracts the lines out of an image (via openCV), stores them in an std::vector< std::vector< int > > and the builds a tile map out of it which is ...
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How do you divide the screen into tiles? [closed]

I have been reading alot on tile-based game programming but i could not find a satisfying answer to this question. I want to know how i can divide the screen into tiles of a size like 32? I am doing ...
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How do I export a .tmx file into a custom format?

I just created a map in tiled software. The problem is that it has created a .tmx file. But I need a different format than that, something I can easily store in 2D ...
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How to properly scroll a 2D tilemap?

Hello and I'm trying to make my own game engine in Java. I have completed all the necessary ones but I can't figure it out with the TileGame class. It just can't scroll. Also there are no exceptions. ...
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