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Testing Message-Based Events using Unity's New Input System and InputTestFixture, getting unhelpful error

My player has an Action in the Input System Move, that takes a Vector2 and moves the player based on that input. Straight-...
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How do I integrate Unity and CodeCov (Using GitHub Actions)?

GitHub actions attempt to upload my coverage reports to CodeCov, but I get an error. Below is my most recent GitHub Action code, and the error I'm receiving from CodeCov. Please let me know if there ...
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I want to test the Animator component of a gameobject using nunit, but I am having issues

I made a Blender 3D model with animations. Then I used the Animator Controller, and attached it to the model. The Animator Controller has a few Boolean parameter variables like ...
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What are do's and don'ts on published APK for alpha and beta testing and how to manage it in Google Play for developers? [closed]

Before the official public release or publishing the first prototype game, I learned about alpha and beta testing in order to gain feedback and fixes needed to improve or correct the game's system. I ...
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How can I unit test rendering output?

I've been embracing Test-Driven Development (TDD) recently and it's had wonderful impacts on my development output and the resiliency of my codebase. I would like to extend this approach to some of ...
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Is BDD (Behavior Driven Development) used in games?

I have been reading about BDD - Behavior Driven Development for a while, and I find it really easy and usefull to convert features into code. BDD users often call it TDD done right. BDD is a tool for ...
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Is Test Driven Development viable in game development?

As being Scrum certified, I tend to prone for Agile methodologies while developping a system, and even use some canvas from the Scrum framework to manage my day-to-day work. Besides, I am wondering ...
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Experiences of test-driven devleopment in large projects

I've used TDD in personal projects, but I wondered if anyone had any experience of using this approach across a large team? Was there resistence to the test-first approach? Did you keep code coverage ...