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Questions tagged [tessellation]

The process of breaking down polygons into finer pieces.

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4 votes
2 answers

Code to tessellate a general quadric

Does anyone know of a C/C++ library (or has some source code) that can generate and output (by which I don't mean render) a tessellation of a general quadric, i.e. a 3d surface defined by the matrix ...
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26 votes
9 answers

When mapping the surface of a sphere with tiles, how might you deal with polar distortion?

It's easy to deal with the way locations interact on a clean Cartesian grid. It's just vanilla math. And you can kind of ignore the geometry of the sphere's surface for a bunch of it if you want to ...
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34 votes
2 answers

How does hardware tessellation work?

I would just like someone to explain in relativly clear terms how hardware tessellation works considering it is the new buzzword with DX11. Thanks.
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