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How can I get a team together to make a game

I’m interested in making games and I have some ideas, basic programming and art knowledge. How can I get together a team of people who have more skills than I do to help make the game?
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How do you manage shared assets and tools across a team and projects?

As my team grows I'm trying to better manage shared assets in an organized way across the team. These assets include: Brushes and Alphas for Substance, Blender, Krita, etc Custom Plugins for Maya ...
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How can I help my unpaid 2D and 3D artists improve their portfolio?

I'm part of a 20 people team working on a game for free but we've got intentions of starting a company soon. At the moment, not even the prototype is finished, but we've got 6 artists, half 2D and ...
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What are the things that only a large group of devs (like 30+) can make possible? Can a game still have the same quality with a small team?

I just played Ori and found out the dev team was 25+ ppl(actually it was even more than that). I guess if it was just 5 people the game wouldnt last 15+ hours but is there anything else about the ...
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Is there a way to call an exe from a unreal game

I'm making a turn based game Unreal with someone. They are writing the AI in C++. When it's the AI's turn I call the exe they have written. How should I call the .exe or is there a better way? I tried ...
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How can two people simultaneously edit one game project?

I've been looking for a workflow that allows two game developers to simultaneously work in real-time on the same project, much like Roblox Studio. I tried using Unity, but out of the box its ...
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Our designer refuses to work because of job official title [closed]

Our game contains comics to tell part of the story, and our comic designer says that he is not responsible for designing the characters in the comics because it is the job of the character designer. ...
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how does collaboration in unity work?

i've been working on a 2d game for a bit now, almost all assets made but when ive tried to collaborate everything was quite glitched out, edits weren't saved, nothing was working at all. im not sure ...
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UnityTeams: Files to publish but no Upload button

I am using Unity 2019.2.14f1 to build a game. As I am working with a team, we have decided to use Unity Teams for the collaboration. The project escalated and we ended up having to architecture a ...
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In a team of 2 people (one front end, one scripting), is there any way I could write scripts without the use of Unity all together?

So, I'm curious whether or not it would be possible to write scripts for a Unity game without using Unity itself, but using a third-party IDE, such as Visual Studio. My reason for this would be the ...
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How can I integrate someone well into my project? [closed]

I am working alone, since over one year on a decent sized project... to speed up things i wanted to incorporate some friends into development, unfortunately i never did something like this before and ...
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How much detail should I provide in reference material to potential contract composers?

I'm not very good with music, so when the time comes I'll need help from a composer for my game. I'm unsure of how to actually work with one. Despite my lack of musical understanding, I know what I ...
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starting point for a soccer game AI [closed]

I would like to build a simple but challenging soccer game. I can define simple as not need to be realistic and challenging having a good team sense that could colaborate doing nice plays. I have ...
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How to start encouraging team collaboration?

I am working on converting a single player game to multiplayer, but I am concerned that if I simply do a 1-1 conversion, even in modes with "multiple players" there won't be any incentive for team ...
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Getting help on collaboration with Unity especially programmers

My team and I are currently creating a 3D tower defense game with Unity and are compromised of me a few animators modelers and programmers. However as I am still fairly new to Unity I have trouble ...
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Existing Chat-Text Systems with Autocomplete? [closed]

We're building a multiplayer (dyads) puzzle game where players need to collaborate to be successful. We'd like to use a text chat system that has two must have features: a) autocompletes a player's ...
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What are some good namespaces for gameplay code? [closed]

I always struggle with naming namespaces when working in a team. I'd be very thankful if someone could share your preferred way of namespacing gameplay code? At least the root namespaces. Edit: As ...
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Does Holacracy help new game development teams? [closed]

I am setting up a game development team in my university, and we have an interest in making a strategic game based on simple graphics. My question is in relation to the management of the team. It has ...
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Legal issues around forming an international game dev team

A friend and I have been wanting to collaborate on a mobile app game. It's a 'start small but dream big' kind of venture, where neither of us has much experience, but we're hoping that if we succeed, ...
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How do teams prevent overwriting work in source files? [closed]

It occurred to me the possibility that while, for example the game engine, is being worked on simultaneously by multiple people how is overwriting prevented? Let's say developer one is working on <...
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How can a team work together to assemble a large world map?

I recently played a open world FPS game with a large and dense game world, in a single map like this. It contains many objects, roads, rivers, trees, houses, rocks, hidden places, NPCs, etc... all ...
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Multiplayer FPS Gameplay: How to encourage players to dispense ammo?

In the Battlefield: Hardline beta, players can now obtain health and ammo directly from other players, without having to ask for it via the command rose. Here's two examples of how asking for health ...
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How can I encourage players to "talk to" to each other in team-based games?

With the goal of attracting a certain kind (highly sociable, that is) of players, I have wondered what game mechanics require, or at least encourage, players to verbally (I'm assuming an advanced text ...
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What is a good free "game development organisation" site? [closed]

I'm searching for a site that will help me to design a game. I don't have a development team in the same location. They are all located somewhere over the world. I am searching for a kind of site that ...
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Overlapping svn repositories

We use svn at work, but the repository is getting pretty large, so checkout times are long, as is update when artists batch process all assets. The problem is that we also store work in progress, ...
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How to maintain artistic consistency when working with multiple artists?

I'm making a game that requires a volume of artistic content which is not practical to be created by a single person, so I've enlisted the help of additional artists. The problem is, each artist has ...
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