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I have an editable SWF with Refferal protection, how would I remove that [closed]

Im using JPEXS to edit an SWF I obtained of MutilateADoll2 that is Site locked (referrer) to the kongregate website, is it possible to.... per say... Remove that referral lock and gain access to use ...
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How can I make 3D games in 4K that are a few megabytes?

I would like to make 3D games in 4K that are a few Megabytes (MB) in download size. Is there a way to use 3D Vector Graphics in games to reduce the file size ? Or is there any other way to achieve ...
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Can I extract Flash SWF sprite frames to bitmaps?

I want to create the 2D graphics of my game in Flash Studio, but then get all the frames from my SWF movies into C# for further work in Unity3D. I find it easier to create nice smooth animations in ...
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How to play animations (GIF, SWF... )?

I have many diffrent animations made with flash. I can make it as (1).SWF, (2).GIF or as (3).PNG (every Frame per second). Searched in google... but coudn't find anything usefull. SWF: For SWF i need ...
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Making a game preloader (Flash) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you create a single/internal pre-loader for a Flash game written using Flex? Hi guys, Im trying to make a preloader in a Flash game. Thing is, I need some advices on ...
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How much info can I store in a cookie?

Im developing a flash game and I'd like to know how much info can I store in a browser cookie. The game is simple, but it needs to store several variables in order to save all the details of your ...
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Are there any command line swf packing tools?

I want to packing image files(png, jpg) into swf, then game can load files easily. But I want to do this by a Makefile, not FLASH CS. Do you know any command line swf tool set can do that? And can I ...
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Does swf provide better compress rate than zlib for png image?

Somebody told me that when a png image is stored in swf, it's separated to several layer, hence the alpha channel can be compressed better. Is it true? Or, once png image is imported into a swf, it's ...
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