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Convert legacy OpenGL script to a newer one

I have a script drawing 3D chart, three axes and a surface. Unfortunately, it was implemented using old OpenGL approach with Begin and ...
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How to modify the z depth value inside the vertex function of a surface shader?

I wrote the following surface shader. The idea is to increase the Z depth value of vertices, after projection. ...
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Painter's theorem inside and outside test [closed]

I have read from Hearn and Baker computer graphics book. I read the test#2 painter's theorem which image is given below. This image showing surface S is completely behind the surface S', by checking ...
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Unity: Opacity over Distance with Surface Shaders

I want to tweak the alpha value based on the distance to the camera. But I see no way of passing the vertex position on to the surface function using surface shaders. Not a problem with frag shader. ...
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Pass equations into shaders to define graphics - HLSL or other shaders

Is it possible with HLSL (or other popular shader languages) to pass instead of an image, an equation that would define the pixel color / position output by the shader? This would allow for more ...
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How can I animate shadow in surface shader?

I wrote wind shader that works but as you can see it have shadow problem! when I animating vertices shadow is fixed! ...
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Positional noise changes in Unity Editor vs compiled

I have a surface shader that adds a bit of positional noise, using the following code: ...
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